Intuition at the service of drawing….

I need a common thread when I start drawing. A need to have a direction that most of the time leads me to develop a series. I like to tell stories, and drawing has always fulfilled this need. In addition, drawing requires a particular state. It is a vector of reflection, it positions me as a tool to draw from the folds of my consciousness, or from a more global consciousness… Going to the source.

These reflections have become recurrent in my way of working over the past four years, because I have put them into practice. I assimilate the act of drawing as a state of “trance”, shocking as it may seem, but it is a fact. I come out of myself, there are fulgurations, ideas and connections that otherwise I would not have found.

So, thanks to autumn, and this entry into the night of winter, a little bird told me to put this graphic intuition in the foreground. To move forward on a story with a drawer that belongs to me, but which could belong to everyone… These drawings are composed of symbols, archetypes, totem animals or not, men and women who populate everyone’s imagination and reality.

With each new sheet of paper, signs or synchronicities are set up to approach a new facet of this multifaceted universe.

Cette série s’annonce comme un fleuve, et sera peut-être le travail personnel et intégral du reste de ma vie…

So here is the first drawing in the “Oracle” series, and I invite you to look at the drawings and mixed page on paper regularly to see the progress of the graphic messages….

“Oracle” series; Artemis or Diane La Chasseesse.
“Find your center, and inside you will discover your wild nature. The cycle of time merges, past, present and future are one, they are only the repetition of birth, life and death. You are a whole and you connect to the whole. Follow the hunter who reigns in you…”

Small textiles…. Wordplay and double entendre.

To discover soon! the textile flowers all in flesh…..

Le “CORPSETAIT”, a flashback to the genesis……

It is an important piece for me, because it is from this corset that I realized that I was integrating the textile directly with its connection to the body, mine, yours…. 

I forgot it while it was on its way, and I forgot mine…..

Give it a little more body and space, even if it’s legless and headless! Since it is a body that is kept silent (“se tait!”)

Started in 2015. Resumption and end for this summer 2019.

With all my heart!

May 2019, in workshop residence mode….

Textile installation in work in progress…. Dancing on the bones….

During the whole month of May 2019, Residence workshop at #Labo Victor Hugo, in Rouen, a workshop that I share with the artist Christophe Horlain. A co-location that allows me to fully enter into the material of my textile installation project and to create a movement of forms and purpose through the interactions of sharing the space….. No Hermeticism therefore, we test the capillarity on each other !

Work in progress, Workshop residence at Labo Victor Hugo, Rouen.

“Danser sur les os?” Creation in progress, experimentation, laboratory.

January in the window….

Installation January 2019, La Buvette du Robec, 219 rue Eau-de-Robec, 76000 Rouen.

Make your wishes, La brodeuse de Cœur

L’attribut alt de cette image est vide, son nom de fichier est OEUVRE-AU-BLANC-6-820x1024.jpg.
“Oeuvre au Blanc”, Jennifer Mackay, 2018.

To your wishes……

For this new cycle that is beginning, I propose two places full of light and fantasy. Simultaneously during the month of January 2019, my textile sculptures will invade with their stories of threads and pencils La Buvette du Robec and the Gallery L’Art ou L’Ardeur, in the same district, in the heart of the historic centre of Rouen.
Three times is not customary, I would take the role of the embroiderer of Heart, waiting for you to feed, Three nights in a row, the heart of thread of your burning wishes and not wise of immoderate love!
On Fridays 4, 11 and 18 from 7pm, the red feather will await your wishes in words at the Buvette du Robec…
Without censorship or false pretence they will be included in the Catcher in the Heart built step by step in front of you.
(You can send me your love notes by writing to me at:

February 2019
Gallery L’Art ou L’Ardeur
12 rue du Père Adam
76000 Rouen.

The Catcher in the Rye will take place in the gallery surrounded by the works of Sarah Kügel, David Bou Aziz, Sarah Youmni.
You will surely find a lot of love there!
Opening date soon to be released.

L’attribut alt de cette image est vide, son nom de fichier est art-ou-ardeur-DEC-2018_-9-3-1024x691.jpg.
Gallery-Workshop “L’Art ou L’Ardeur” 12 rue du Père Adam, 76000 Rouen.

New cycle…2019

January 2019
La Buvette du Robec and La Galerie L’Art ou L’Ardeur in Rouen.

La Buvette du Robec
In the windows!
219 rue Eau-de-Robec
7600 Rouen
From 3 to 23 January 2019

Gallery -Workshop
Art or Ardor
12 rue du Père Adam
76000 Rouen
All January

Elements of reflection

(Involvement and reflection on the choice of fabric as the main medium in my artistic practice.)

It was a bit by chance that I started cutting shapes in the fabric. I have always been attracted to anatomical or botanical plates, certainly by the fact that there is a link of shapes between the plant and organic sphere. Very quickly the fabric dish began to fill with acrylic wadding or vegetable fibers to take place in space, piece by piece, interlocking or clinging to each other to give these invasive shapes. (Extension of myself?)

From one thing to another, like the sometimes archaic path of thought, the fabric calls for gesture, form and intention. There is a strong entanglement between the feeling and the imprint of these “emotions” in my use of textiles. In relation to the primary function that we have of textiles through clothing, housing, and all its derivatives, the notion of protection or identity is always very present. Through fashions, the fabrics, whether worn or used for decoration, reflect both the technologies and the thought systems of the time to which they belong: appearances, social status, geography….

On my scale, I work with fabric as a European woman who has as an example other artists who have already destructured textile work to get it out of its original function. (Louise Bourgeois, Annette Messager, Marie Ange Guilleminot …………..)

Five years ago, I was working on the fabric in a way that was detached from my own body. The notion of object, of sculpture as a word placed on a base. A scenography of a state of being, a staging of thought. A curiosity cabinet using figurative anatomical shapes that compose a “herbarium” or a puzzle to be arranged according to the positioning.

And this is precisely what happens… Just as the clothing positions you. So I cut into several of my clothes, starting with the falls from my wedding dress, my favorite skirt worn down to the weft… Then other clothes that did not belong to me but that retraced for a moment the life of one or another or I saw a resonance to serve my purpose. Emma Bovary’s corset, the nightgown giving life to a black and phantasmagorical psyche, or the silk tee shirt of a ready-to-wear brand in a flea market that reveals brains of many shapes…

The sculpture object thus obtained takes place both in the support and in the space. The place of creation is as much about the gesture it implies as it is about its origin. A kind of nomadic and experimental freak show. To draw the veil to give meaning and poetry, even if it starts from a very personal idea of reality, taking its bases in the spoken word and the foundations of my imagination.

Elements of reference

Despite the still current caricature of the genre suggested under the name of “needlework”, there is an action, an ancestral idea in the gesture of sewing.  Whatever the creation or the artist, the act of passing thread through a needle and sewing fabric pieces together implies positioning. It is not so surprising that we are so much French expression on the yarn, the fabric: Fabric of lie, from one yarn to the next, a needle in a haystack, sewn with white yarn, conductive yarn, the red yarn, the twisting yarn, the razor yarn, Ariadne’s yarn, hold only one thread, the weft of time. (Double direction Embroidery: exaggerate, embellish, invent…)

Just as mythology has used these same symbols to represent time, the positive and negative link, the outcome….

The Fates and their thread that they can decide to cut. Penelope who every night undoes his work to keep the suitors away. Ariadne and her thread, which allowed Theseus to get out of the Labyrinth and escape the Minotaur.

Yarn and all textile materials are linked to the existence of man, both literally and figuratively, for his protection, his survival, and then appearances, filiation, the social bond whether it is real or invented from scratch.

Fall 2018,

Jennifer Mackay.

News Letter September/October 2018

The Concept Store

11:11 “The exquisite hour”

Come and discover or rediscover, this atypical space offering an “unframed” choice of exhibitions and design objects, as well as tailor-made women’s fashion and tasty and exotic teas!

The theme of the moment “Le Random” will surely guide you to some textile sculptures of my hands created, unique pieces and lovingly manufactured!

To discover at the same time, the not so random exhibition of Sarah Kügel’s “Nymphographies”, opening in mid-September of her Atelier-Galerie at 12 rue Père Adam, see also:

11:11 am, The Exquisite Hour

From August 27 to November 3, 2018

6 Rue de L’Hôpital, 76000 Rouen.

The Workbench: Collective Exhibition


From 5 to 14 October 2018.

Opening on Friday 5 from 6pm.

The Workbench

45 rue des Bons Enfants, 76000 Rouen.

Multiple works of art

Like the 2016 and 2017 exhibition, the organisers wanted to invite artists from very different worlds to respond to a rich and varied theme.

The idea is that everyone works on their own and does not reveal the result before installation.

At the reception of the works, the 5 artists discover their respective work, but also that of their guests. Then begins the reflection of the installation of this project which will have taken almost a year to be unveiled to you.

The organizers: Céline Voisin, Christelle Lardenois, Zélie Doffémont, Oreli Gouel, Marie Mignot

Guests: Coline Jourdan, Simon Cordevant, Sarah Andreacchio, Emmanuel Kerner, Joseph Callioni, Jérôme Le Goff, Nico TDM, Margareth Leveneur, Jennifer MacKay, Sarah (Nymphography)

The Rendez-vous de l’Anti-Chambre…

“The Great Eight” (1st Opus)

Theme “Don’t be afraid of the dark”

Date: November 10, 2018, 7:30 pm.

A little more mystery, time to put the little dishes in the big ones….. “Big Eight” for the emotional elevator, but also for the magic number…

7 people and their hostess, to propose you a communion (s) in my “sauce” in this apartment workshop which reserves you unique and specially prepared works for your eyes accompanied by the joys of the taste buds!

By reservation only, 7 people only! A meal awaits you in a specially designed setting for one evening… Yours, ours! The address will be communicated to you after confirmation of your presence. (Participation will be requested)

Résa: and / or 06 29 85 43 94