Intuition at the service of drawing….

I need a common thread when I start drawing. A need to have a direction that most of the time leads me to develop a series. I like to tell stories, and drawing has always fulfilled this need. In addition, drawing requires a particular state. It is a vector of reflection, it positions me as a tool to draw from the folds of my consciousness, or from a more global consciousness… Going to the source.

These reflections have become recurrent in my way of working over the past four years, because I have put them into practice. I assimilate the act of drawing as a state of “trance”, shocking as it may seem, but it is a fact. I come out of myself, there are fulgurations, ideas and connections that otherwise I would not have found.

So, thanks to autumn, and this entry into the night of winter, a little bird told me to put this graphic intuition in the foreground. To move forward on a story with a drawer that belongs to me, but which could belong to everyone… These drawings are composed of symbols, archetypes, totem animals or not, men and women who populate everyone’s imagination and reality.

With each new sheet of paper, signs or synchronicities are set up to approach a new facet of this multifaceted universe.

Cette série s’annonce comme un fleuve, et sera peut-être le travail personnel et intégral du reste de ma vie…

So here is the first drawing in the “Oracle” series, and I invite you to look at the drawings and mixed page on paper regularly to see the progress of the graphic messages….

“Oracle” series; Artemis or Diane La Chasseesse.
“Find your center, and inside you will discover your wild nature. The cycle of time merges, past, present and future are one, they are only the repetition of birth, life and death. You are a whole and you connect to the whole. Follow the hunter who reigns in you…”