Work in Progress, July 2018.

Summer is always the opportunity to get into the beautiful work of my overflowing imagination… Essay and attempt on the idea of Totem in work in progress without preconceived ideas of its final form…! It has been said that not knowing where one is going to take even further… So I let it happen…

Les petits Rendez-Vous du Printemps!

News Letter

May-June 2018 :

Three Intimate Dates

Saturday 26 May / Saturday 2 and Sunday 3 June /

Wednesday 6 June



1st intimist meeting around an artistic universe, May 26, 2018.

Today I invite you to discover or rediscover my universe in a new setting… Mine: the one where I live, breathe, create, eat, sleep….

I invite you to come and have a drink on the table where I work, I invite you to come and take the drawings out of the boxes, I invite you to come and touch and contemplate my textile sculptures… in all simplicity as at home, in exchange and the pleasure of receiving.

To preserve the magic of the moment and privilege the harmony of the meeting, the Antechamber will welcome only a limited number of people… Be the first to respond to this invitation.


 Saturday, May 26, 2018 at 6pm

The return email address

For an appointment or to register for the next Anti-chamber invitation:

We look forward to seeing you,

2nd Intimist Meeting around a Collective, on 2 and 3June 2018.

In July 2016, George was born. A “chimeric” character but well incarnated in his multiple facets of the Feminine. Multiple mediums (textile sculptures and photography) and a four hands that I share with Céline Fouchereau.

After three months at Victor Hugo Labo, we took advantage of this workshop residence to create “Chambre Rouge”: an alternative and migrating exhibition allowing George to get out of the frame!

Also, the Collectif George will be welcomed on June 2nd and 3rd in the heart of the Appart’ Diverzarts in the middle of the 19th Parisian, to offer you a new version of its ” Red Room ” from 3pm to 8pm.

To receive the invitation and access to the event: or 

3rd Axiome Meeting, June 6th at 6pm (Visible from June 6th to July 7th by appointment)

Like a Passation, a transmition, the Axiome exhibition will take place at the 160 rue Beauvoisine workshop in Rouen.

 Come discover or rediscover this workshop around a proposal.

 Axiom: Male name. Proposal considered obvious, admitted without demonstration

 Opening on June 6th at 6pm.

Jennifer Mackay / N-S / ZaARash

(Open Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays from 14h to 18h30)

Musical set 19h15 sitar and table by ZaARash and Benoît Fanzini / 20h15 electro ZaARash

Mental Exploration with Scorpène 21,22 and 23 June June from 18h

The next Rendezvous… in the heart of the Anti-Chamber.

Almost a year ago I set up my workshop in my “Foyer”.

My favorite themes being intimacy and transformation, my apartment is logically the most privileged place to explore and invent.

Creating is in itself a solitary act, but it can only resonate and exist through the eyes of the other, his words. So my wish for this anniversary, is that you dare to cross the portal that I open for you. 

The next Rendezvous… in the heart of the Anti-Chamber.

Soon I will launch invitations to come to share a meal, an aperitif… And according to our exchanges to come to look, to search the walls, the drawing boards, and perhaps to appreciate the stories I tell you…

To keep the magic of the moment, and privilege harmony, the antechamber will only welcome the first ten people to respond to the invitation… Watch your emails, or subscribe to my mailing list at:

See you soon…

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